March 30, 2010

18 Rambo, RPGs

MOVIES Maybe I can start by talking about the Rambo movies I watched since I wrote post #16. This will be quick and painless...
- First Blood: Crap. What's with this dude destroying a peaceful town? Lock him up and throw away the goddamn key, quick! Silly movie.
- Rambo First Blood II: Awesome. All Rambo movies should be about suicide missions, a lost love and the subsequent gory revenge!
- Rambo III: So many plot holes...well I know it's an action movie, but it was still a dumb movie. I felt like John was out of his element here, the desert doesn't suit him that well.
I haven't seen the last one, but it all points to a return to 'Rambo II' form, I'll cross my fingers.

Also saw Million Dollar Baby... why does every person that talks about that movie mentions they cried at the end? It was sad, sure, but I think I saw it coming. Still a great movie, I admire Hillary Swank as an actress. Morgan Freeman impeccable, as usual. And Clint, well... another memorable character, I guess! haha. I just wish his pants weren't so high, reminds me of my old man...

Up next: Up, Unforgiven, and The Wrestler.

GAMES I went insane with Steam's Holiday Sale. The problem is that I don't have time for all these games! I managed to start with the King's Quest collection, those first games are so damn hard... I still need to play Brothers in Arms, Abe's Exoddus and Company of Heroes. That's for the PC though. Since my last gaming post I've been playing a lot of DS and GBA games. Plus the games my pal [Darth Kain] lent me, two for the Game Boy Advance and 3 for the DS. The worst part is that they're mostly RPGs, so I have a lot to play on the next few months, if I'm lucky and I dedicate a lot of time to them (which we know I won't).

Also, watch this and fall in love with it, quick!

See ya!

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