November 25, 2009

16 Sergio Leone, my videogame Ruin

Last post was dedicated entirely to the last concerts I attended. So this one will be about everything BUT music.

MOVIES Wall-E was awesome, loved the idea of a future human race that lives a lie created by computers (instead of living a lie in a hell created by computers ala Matrix), The Signal was ok, you really felt the characters were going insane, you felt sorry for them (sometimes, I guess not when they turned violent!), oh! I found the Rambo quadrilogy at work and took it home... hopefully I'll start with First Blood this month.
I also watched the Sergio Leone / Clint Eastwood trilogy I talked about on post #14, and now I know why they made Eastwood a western movie hero and why those movies started a genre. Classics. Especially The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, it was jaw-dropping, if a bit too long.
I still need to see Unforgiven (to close the 'western Eastwood' saga), the last two Dirty Harry films, Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino which I picked up this month. And with those, I will put my Clint obsession to rest (or will I?)

GAMES The Nintendo DS has driven me insane... at first I couldn't put the thing down, now I can leave it for a few hours but I still feel the urge to grab that thing, open it to admire its dual screens, and get sucked into another dimension; the gaming dimension! (oOoooh). My latest reasons for staying awake until 5am (it has happened more than once) are: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, Amazing Adventures: Forgotten Ruins and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Let me tell you, the fact that all 3 have the word ruin in their titles is a huge coincidence, it hasn't been planned. Funny, my favorite Lamb of God song is called... wait! I can't talk about music in this post, what am I thinking? See ya next time!

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