July 3, 2009

14 Concert venues, Nintendo Wi-Fi

MUSIC Capitan Memo was awesome, the place was packed! The line to get in was a block and a half when I got there (about 15 minutes before the show started). We all sang, jumped and went back in time to when we were young and worry-free... Memo even made an example of the animals in Fables of the Green Forest, who instead of destroying the environment, live in harmony and peace with it. *sniff*
What surprised me the most was the intro sequence, shown on giant projections, which I later learned was an anime clip used to promote the new Mazinkaiser OAV series. I leave you with a YouTube video of the concert.
Capitan Memo - Intro & Festival de los Robots
Now, the subject I wrote about on my last post was the closing and refraction of the National Stadium, which won't be available either for sports or music events. The quest to find a new venue has started, with options like the Monumental Stadium and the Amauta Coliseum, but they all have problems from security to luxury suites which would allow the owners to watch the events for free). We have nothing defined yet, and AC/DC is looking for a place to play at.

MOVIES You might say my Clint Eastwood collection is complete. It might as well. The Sergio Leone Trilogy, the first four Dirty Harry movies, Hang 'Em High and The Unforgiven. All thanks to a store I found in Polvos Azules that carries all thse classic gems. I'll get Million Dollar Baby from a friend, and my sister has Gran Torino, so that's basically all the Clint movies I care to see.

GAMES So, Nintendo DS, where to begin? Should I start with the music, the movies, the pictures I can enjoy on your tiny, but inviting dual screen? The lipstick-red color of the limited New Super Mario Bros. edition? The Wi-Fi conectivity with which I can play with friends around the world as easy as multiplaying with a friend a few feet away? Or just the amazing range of games I can play on the R4 cartridge?
I can't seem to put down Trauma Center: Under the Knife and Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass. I have around fifty games waiting to be played, but I don't. have. time!