March 25, 2010

17 Metallica, Dream Theater in Lima

MUSIC Finally, what every metal fan in Peru had only dreamed of... we saw Metallica on January 19th. It was an amazing experience, you could feel that every one of those 40,000+ souls at San Marcos Stadium was beyond themselves. Here are some pics that my friend Ricardo M. took:

As I mentioned in post # 14, the National Stadium is closed, but thankfully San Marcos will be considered for more concerts (Metallica just proved that it can be an excellent venue for... AC/DC, maybe?).
I also attended the
Dream Theater (!) concert on March 22nd, it was a shame to see so few people, with this guys being in my opinion the greatest band musician by musician, it was a magical experience, seeing John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy destroying onstage, is something I won't forget that easily. Ruddess was on top form too, rivaling Petrucci with a duel solo. So, pics!

I'm too lazy to do a proper review, so I'll just end this post here. More on games and (maybe) movies in the next post (coming up tomorrow). See ya!

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