October 28, 2008

08 Gus Chambers, Worst Case Scenario

MUSIC Paradise Lost in seven days! We're having a pre-concert party this weekend, watching The Anatomy of Melancholy and listening to their best songs, getting prepped for monday's gig at Iguana Rana. EDIT: Paradise Lost kicked ass! I'll be posting a small review soon.

Today I learned about Gus Chambers -former lead singer of Grip Inc- having recently died, apparently a suicide. I feel bad every time I read news like this. You know something funny? I feel bad for someone who I not only have never met, but before today I had never even seen him (I just saw a photo), and still I feel sad because it wasn't his personality or his face, but his voice that I knew and liked; a friend of mine made me listen to Power of Inner Strength (1995) back in 2006 and I enjoyed it a lot, and immediately got hold of their latest album, Incorporated (2004), which is another great album. I'm gonna listen to Ostracized and Curse (of the Cloth) right now.

MOVIES Someone told me the amazing-looking upcoming nazi-zombie movie Worst Case Scenario has been scrapped. Is that true? I really hope it was all a rumor, and they're still gonna release it, I was really waiting for that one.