November 4, 2008

09 Paradise Lost, Mobile games

MUSIC Monday, November 3rd 2008 came and paradise lost kicked ass. Everything started beautifully, with The Enemy (as expected) firing up the crowd, then Erased (a favorite of mine) got us jumping and chanting every word. And when the show was about to explode... the fuses exploded. Actually the whole block was cut off the power, something me and probably all of the people gathered there felt ashamed of. Who would've thunk? Power came back after 20 munutes which were deducted off the setlist because the band had to catch a flight that night and there was no making up for the time lost.. So that really sucked, and some of my favorite PL songs (True Belief, Isolate, Mouth) were probably those that were cut off. The rest of the show was amazing, Say Just Words and The Last Time put the crowd in a total frenzy, and after The Last Time it was time to say goodbye to Paradise Lost and a memorable night :(
There are no good (metal) concerts until the end of the year. I should be able to save some money now...
All I have now is great albums which I highly recommend: Volbeat - Guitar, Gangsters and Cadillac Blood, Bison BC - Quiet Earth, the new Týr, the new Satyricon, and so many others. There's no time for all of this!

GAMES I played it two full weeks before the release date. They said it wasn't out yet, but let me tell you, it was. Gears. Of. War. 2. If you loved the first one, I don't need to tell you it's awesome, you've already pre-ordered it! And if you didn't like the first one, go play Singstar or something, you douche-fag!
I finally played Guitar Hero's game rival, Rock Band. I will only say this: when I get my Wii and I have to make a choice between GH: World Tour and Rock Band 2, I'll simply have to pick both. I also realized I'm not that bad at singing (at least the couple tunes I had to sing). Take your place inside the fire with heeeeer! I still have to get the hang of playing the drums (it is totally different than air drumming).
And what's with all these crappy mobile ports of great PC or Xbox games? All I get for my phone are watered-down (not graphics-wise but gameplay-wise) versions that are either too short, too frustrating to control, or too slow to be entertaining. Where can I find a decent game (besides Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Assassin's Creed) for a lame-ass Nokia 5070? There are so few! I know... "get a better cellphone". Pfft.