August 16, 2008

06 Old bands, Diablo (again)

I haven't updated in a while. I don't intend to pick up the pace, I have no time for this stuff. Heh.

MUSIC We truly are South America's music graveyard. After Cyndi Lauper being announced, along comes L.A. Guns, Ratt, Boy George (???), B-52's... what the hell. Actually, Ratt's not that bad, I liked them back in the day. But if they're gonna bring the dinosaurs, why not Slayer? Dream Theater? Or Rush, which was rumored months ago? Why B-52's???
Judas Priest is not stopping in Peru, which is a major disappointment for me. Also, Paradise Lost cancelled their south american tour, so that's two for this year.
But! Good news, Satriani's gig was amazing (or so I heard), Sodom is coming, East Village Opera Company would be a very interesting concert, and hopefully another big band will come before the end of the year.

GAMES If the last post was about Diablo III, this one will have to be about Diablo II, which I started playing again (like millions around the world, most likely) after getting hyped about the next installment. Since my computer will have to wait a little more for a pimpin', I'll be kicking the crap out of Meph, Diab and Baal for a while.
Not playing Mass Effect (takes too long to load, what kind of machine do you need to run it?) or LOTROnline (it was WoW with hobbits... I'd be playing WoW if I wanted the same old stuff) anymore. At this rate I'll go back to Super Nintendo emulators.

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vitokogvy said...

mmm , Judas Priest aun esta negociandose, Paradise Lost a reprogramado su gira Sudamerica y facil que vienen como se anuncio, asi q no te preocupes por eso