July 3, 2008

05 Kiss, Diablo

MUSIC Recently another musical rumor surfaced, this time regarding a possible KISS concert in Peru. Because of it, I'm writing about certain "journalists" that publish stories about big concerts and top-bill artists as soon as they learn about talks with the artist's management, just to get some kind of 'exclusive'. (What good is an 'exclusive' story like this? They get paid for exclusives so they start lying?) Talks for concerts are so common in the music industry I don't know why these persons assume it's a closed deal and publish it with set dates (which are actually tentative dates that coincide with the artist's tour). First they said Iron Maiden (right). Then AC/DC (ha! good one. They hadn't toured in 5 years and were supposed to play here all of a sudden?). And now this. It breaks my balls.
I sincerely don't think we're having KISS over. Don't worry, we'll be having Cyndi Lauper for sure... yay. Man, if it was Joan Jett I would give a damn.
PS: I forgot to mention on my last post that I saw Megadeth, didn't get to VIP zone but didn't pay for general admission either. I was in the middle, it was such a great concert. A clip here.

MOVIES I wonder when Repo: The Genetic Opera comes out? I can't wait to catch it. That, Hellboy II, and also I'm a little curious about Midnight Meat Train, although I can't understand how could they make a movie out of a (very) short story.

GAMES Two words: Diablo three. That was enough to make me wet my pants. I've seen the 19-minute gameplay and the art videos, and I'm sold. I can't believe they're finally gonna release Diablo |||. I'll try to be a first day buyer, something I've never done before. I'm that excited.

Oh yes, I'm also playing Mass Effect and Lord of the Rings Online. But who cares? Diablo!!!

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