May 5, 2009

12 post-Maiden, Team Fortress 2

MUSIC Maideeen! Some pics now. I only took the crappier ones :)

So as you can see, we finally got the flag made, it looked great, we waved it high, and ultimately had a lot of fun, even with a couple of "gasping for air because the crowd was going nuts" moments. I don't have photos of the KISS concert, but you should have been there too :) both concerts were great.

MOVIES Finally! Eastern Promises, what a great movie. I still need to see A History of Violence, though...
I'm kinda starting my Clint Eastwood collection, I just got Pale Rider, A Fistful of Dollars and the third Dirty Harry movie, The Enforcer, since they didn't have the first one. I algo got Ong-Bak 2 (sequel to my favorite martial arts movie) and was about to get a Charles Bronson film too.
[random trivia] Did you know Bronson was an U.S. Air Force gunner during the years of WWII?

GAMES I got the Orange Box on Steam for my birthday , and besides doing most of the achievements for Portal, I have been playing waaay too much Team Fortress 2, and finally understood why everyone was raving about it. I'm loving it, the Pyro and Medic are my favorites so far.

Only one new screenshot gallery, this time the Genesis classic Shining Force II, a game that has plenty of unintentionally funny dialogue.
Shining Force II gallery

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