April 27, 2008

03 Gamma Ray, Portal

MUSIC A little update on my last post: I got a hold of three of Gamma Ray's best albums and I was convinced to go to the concert by a friend. I'm not gonna bitch about the prices anymore :) I'm happy with general admission tickets (the farthest from the stage), I am still gonna enjoy the hell out of that concert.
A second update: The concert was better than I imagined it. Paid for general admission tickets but got to the VIP zone, thanks to Gamma Ray's Kai Hansen. A vid of the moment when he invited us to the front is goddamn unavailable as of yet, I'll just keep looking. Helloween was no less impressive. Both gave excellent performances.

I'll also attend Megadeth's gig, although most likely be paying for general tickets. Will I get to VIP this time...? Unlikely.

Great albums I've discovered recently: Lions Share - Emotional Coma, Brand New Sin - Brand New Sin, Gamma Ray - Heading for Tomorrow.

GAMES Even though it was way too short, I was awestruck during and after playing Valve's Portal. You can say I've seen the light after watching the ending; it was everything people had said. If you want me to spoil you the experience, click here.

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