March 28, 2008

01 Stone Temple Pilots, Hellgate

Here we are, doing something I thought I wouldn't do: Blogging. I won't do this very often, only to point out interesting news/happenings in the entertainment world. And maybe one or two personal musings (it'll be few, for sure). Here goes.

MUSIC So, Stone Temple Pilots are together again. It may sound like a dream come true (to me and millions of grunge/alternative/90's music fans out there), but is it really?
Singer/songwriter Scott Weiland is well known for his substance issues, which he hasn't resolved until today. He is one of my top 5 frontmen/singers, but I can't overlook this: he's been in prison, he's had other run-ins with the law, and he was the main reason STP disbanded in the first place. He's leaving his recent band Velvet Revolver in the air, although I'm sure ex-Guns N' Roses members Slash, Duff and Matt will find someone as talented to replace him temporarily or permanently. Which I don't mind, since STP is higher up in my 'favourite band' list than VR (which is still damn good). I hope Scott can keep up with his commitment to revive STP and maybe record an album, the fans are hoping the same.
Now, as part of their reunion, the Pilots are playing some US cities and the Edgefest in Canada. I lived in Toronto for a while and I love the city. I've been planning on going back since last year, and this might be the perfect opportunity to see friends I left there. but the fear of the concert being cancelled because of one problem or another (ie. Weiland) is there. I wouldn't want to do all the visa paperwork to go to Canada and then find out I won't be seeing my favourite band when I go there. That would suck.

GAMES The latest I've acquired is Flagship Studio's Hellgate: London for the PC. It's such a great looking game, lots of fun although I still haven't ventured online to play, it's highly recommended for people wanting something different from the grind/grind/grind methods of MMORPGs like Lineage II and Sword of the New World. I'm probably close to finishing it, and the next in line is... Assassin's Creed (woot!).

More musings soon.

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